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Registration Terms



Secrets Asia promises that email addresses will not be circulated, sold or passed to any third party whatsoever.


Full access to our forum is completely free of charge and you will not be asked for credit card details or to make payments at any point in time.


"Guests" like yourself may access only a small part of our forum. You may read certain topics but you may not yet reply or ask questions. You must register first & then you can access every topic available to our "members" You will then also be able to reply to any one of our 1 million posts made by many thousands of our regular members who have registered with us.






As a member of Secrets Asia Forum you agree to not show any part of the board to any person that is not a member in their own right of that level of the board. Should you find that a member is showing any of the board to a non member, please do let the mod team know so that appropriate action may be taken. We take a very dim view of such disclosure, which could lead to expulsion from the forum for that member. Further it could put the whole of the forum activity in jeopardy.


Passwords are to be kept confidential at all times and must never be shared with any other person. If discovered this will lead to immediate censure by the moderators. If you have a friend that wants to join this forum let them join under their own profile and never let them use yours.


Personal opinions are fine but calling other members names or "Flaming" another member or members of their family will under no circumstances be tolerated. If you disagree with a posters opinion it is fine to give your own opinion but do not attack the other poster. Under no circumstances may a member reveal real names or address details of another member. We welcome healthy debate but we will delete attacks on other members, when these come to our notice and this could lead to warning being given that might cause a member to be reduced in status. Please report any problems of this sort that you see.


There are certain subjects which may not be discussed in the board and they are as follows.

The Thai Royal Family.

Matters concerning the Thai police authorities.

Under aged sexual activity including paedophilia.

Any Illegal activity including those linked to sex or drugs.


You may not make posts that link directly to other message boards and links to posts on other boards are generally not acceptable.If you quote a post copied from another board or news source for example then you should consider giving credit to the author however. Links to other internet items using your signature or avatar are not allowed without the express permission of the administrators.


There are many features on the board but over use of any one of them constantly is boring so please use them as required only (this includes polls, bold type & large fonts in particular).


Posts should be made in the most relevant section of the board mistakes can be made but posting deliberately in wrong sections will incur a warning.


Decisions made by moderators may not be discussed on the board but may in certain circumstances be discussed in private (use the PM system) with the Mod Team if you are unhappy with a decision that has been made. Moderatators decisions are final and a moderator may chose not to hold discussions if they so wish.


Warnings may be given to members by the moderating team when the rules have been breached and are shown as a % warning level (ie 10%, 20% etc) Only that member and the moderators are able to view this and other members cannot see your warning level.


If you are a level 2 member and you incur a 50% warning then this will mean you will automatically be reduced back down to level one until the mod team see fit (or not) to promote you again. Member of level three that receive a 20% warning will be dropped to level two or maybe level 1 at the descretion of the moderators.


In the case of a serious misdemeanor of any kind (in the eyes of the mod team) other action may be taken up to and including deporting the member who may never to return.


If a member is deported for any reason and attempts to rejoin under another name you will be deported again under what ever name you rejoin as. Should you feel that you have been deported by mistake or you find that you are blocked for any reason please do feel free to contact admin by email.


Any transgression of the rules will be taken and dealt with on the merits of that transgression and any action taken by the moderating team need not be discussed by the team.


Business operators are precluded from making derogatory opinions against any other business that is the same or similar to their own.


Photo Posting rules for all Levels


a.Any photos or links deemed to be offensive by Admin will be removed and warnings may be given.

b.Nude or even nearly nude avatars are not allowed ever!.

Photos and or Links will be removed should any complaint be received from a photo owner or web site owner. In general you may only post your own photos and not those of others unless you have recieved permission from the owner. If you have recieved permission then you should also give credit to the owner in that post. If the photo is from the Internet and freely available to be copied then it is allowed. Any flaming of posted pictures will not be tolerated. If you dont like a picture that has been posted then just move on please.


Photo Posting for Level One

No nudity whatsoever is allowed in level 1 and posting pictures of this type in level 1 is almost certain to get you a warning or a ban so please be careful.


Photo posting in other levels above level 1.


When you reach a new level then the rules will become clear.





• PattayaSecrets.com take no responsibility and will bear no liability whatsoever for any post content in any posts made by any member. Should any member feel that any post should not be on the board it is up to that member to report it so that a decision can be made by the Moderating Team.


• All contents and posts of this forum are deemed by us to be the sole property of PattayaSecrets.com and as such may not be copied without prior written consent.


• These rules may change without notice at any time. The rules here may not cover every circumstance that may arise and in this case the Moderating Team may make further decisions which will not be discussed. All decisions by the Moderating Team are final and no correspondence whatsoever will be entered into.

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